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"Luo Han Guo is the best and safest Splenda Alternative on the market!"

Don't take risks when it comes to your health! Artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and others are potentially harmful to your health in the long run as they are unnatural and contain sucralose, a synthetic compound consisting of CHLORINE. You heard it on the radio and saw it on TV. Certain cancers and Alzheimer's disease are all thought to be linked to the prolonged consumption of Splenda, Equal and similar artificial sweeteners that contain Sucralose. To learn more and help spread the knowledge about the side effects of such artificial sweeteners, click here!

A natural sugar alternative, Frisun AllSweet™ powder is a delicious no calorie sweetener that is diabetic friendly. It comes from the whole fruit of Luo Han Guo, which contains no sugar. This makes it a perfect choice for diabetics and dieters alike. Actually, Luo Han Guo is a member of the gourd family and its mogroside components are what make it intensely sweet.
A quarter of a teaspoon equals two teaspoons of sugar. This non-sugar, all natural sweetener has no calories. Dieters and diabetics will love Sweet Sensation powder. Use it in your favorite hot or cold foods or recipes. Sweet Sensation has a wonderful taste. While we think of Luo Han Guo as new, it has been used as a natural sweetener for nearly a millennium and has been called the longevity fruit. It was noted in writing of 13th century Buddhist monks. Luo Han Guo also was used in traditional herbal remedies for its medicinal effects on colds, sore throats, minor stomach and intestinal troubles. Enjoy Sweet Sensation. It is an ideal sugar alternative and a sweetener for any occasion.

*The powder and/or syrup can be added to both hot as well as cold foods and mixes well.

*No calorie and one-quarter teaspoon equals two teaspoons of sugar, but adjust the amount for your own desired sweet taste.

*Diabetic friendly means that Luo Han Guo contains no sugar.

Luo Han Guo (luohanguo) refers to the fruit of Siraitia grosvenori, formerly called Momordica grosvenori, a member of the Curcubitaceae. The fruit is well-known for its sweet taste; this plant family (Gourd family) has other members that contain remarkable sweet components, including additional species of the genus Siraitia (e.g., S. siamensis, S. silomaradjae, S. sikkimensis, S. africana, S. borneensis, and S. taiwaniana and the popular herb jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum). The latter herb, which has both sweet and bitter tasting triterpene glycosides in its leaves, is now sold worldwide as a tea and made into an extract for use in numerous health-care products. Luohanguo has been used as a medicinal herb for treating cough and sore throat and is popularly considered, in southern China, to be a longevity aid. These are the same uses as listed for jiaogulan. Luohanguo has more recently been developed into a non-caloric sweetener to compete with other herbal sweeteners such stevioside from the unrelated Stevia leaf.




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Sweet Sensation(TM) Bottled Powder

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 1/2 tsp.
Servings: 70
Calories: 2
Total Fat: 0
Sodium: 0
Total Carb: <1g
Total Protein: 0

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